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facebook  03-03

What we’ve all been waiting for! LEOPARD, the National Association of Real Estate Teams, is setting a new industry standard.

We’ve been pitched for years that the “bar is raising” in the industry, but in reality, there’s way more “filling” of the bar with minimal raising. For years NAR’s main focus has been on mass producing, or what we like to say “printing” new agents vs. raising the quality of training. There is a dire need for an apprenticeship model, that we feel is a game-changer, with set standards to help dramatically decrease the number of brand-damaging, undereducated agents to help raise the professionalism needed to save our industry. We plan to set these standards with LEOPARD, which will rebrand real estate and save our industry.

The Standards

  1. Performance Levels – Must have 10 listings or 20 transactions with 5 listings a year.
  2. Verified Team Certification – Training & Processes and Compliance & Technology.
  3. Customer Service Reviews – Have a feedback loop system in place to survey EVERY client, not just the ones you know you’ll get a perfect score from. Must have a 90% or higher Net Promoter Score.
  4. Client First Transparency – Have full transparency with commissions, disclosures, and sales processes as well as a public display of ethics complaints, outing the “bad actors”.
  5. Bar Raised Apprenticeship and Ethics – Two years (24+ deals) of side-by-side development with an Elite Agent.

We’re leading with LEOPARD. Please join us to drive change in the real estate industry. Come join the National Association of Real Estate Teams. Let’s get it!