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facebook  03-03

Hey Zillow Premier Agents that are in co-marketing agreements with your favorite mortgage partner.

Here they come!

Zillow is building what rDigz is building. They bought a mortgage company and are now positioning themselves to be 50% of every transaction.

First, they’re taking a piece of our commission, and now they’re going to want us to use their mortgage partner as well. Do you see where this is going? WE can control the process to make sure you’re getting the maximum effort you’re getting on a daily basis. This is just the beginning, before we know it they’re going to force us to use their title company next!

We can’t wait until it’s done and happening. We need to band together now! Check out LEOPARD’s new positioning as we’re increasing the standards to reduce the competition to help Teams and Elite Agents make more money by getting OUR piece of mortgage and title, not letting it go to aggregators.