Real Estate Agents for Consumers

facebook  03-03

Thank you.

We have heard you.

When we embarked on this journey to improve real estate for consumers we weren’t sure what it was going to look like. Thank you for following along as we’ve gone through a couple of iterations trying to find the sweet spot as we figure out our messaging.

Our problem was we wanted to keep things simple. However, we realized we limited ourselves too much by calling it the National Association of Real Estate Teams. We know it may have been confusing, but we think we’re finally a lot closer to where we want to be, thanks to you.

Our new name is Real Estate Agents for Consumers and we believe in:

  1. Promoting and prominently displaying agents on their listings everywhere.
  2. Banding together acros brokerage lines for one unified voice for change in the industry.
  3. Increasing agent accountability by implementing a rating system for every deal to show the consumer who is truly delivering on their promises.
  4. Transparency for the consumer by creating one place to see all things pertaining to listings.
  5. Implementing more rigorous training for new agents via an apprenticeship model.

Are you with us?

Pledge your support today to improve the industry for consumers. This isn’t a monetary pledge. If you’re an agent that wants to see a change in our industry and supports more transparency for the consumer, add your name to the list to show you’re with us.