Real Estate Agents for Consumers

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Why Join?

It’s time for the Elite Agents in our industry to join forces cross-brokerage and write the future of our industry. No more sitting idle waiting for others to tell us how they are going to reshape our industry. Let’s band together, putting consumers first and have a collective voice for the future.

Membership Benefits


  • Use of the LEOPARD logo.
  • Membership Access to rDigz.
  • Private chat with the elite 5% of the street.
  • Ownership opportunity of rDigz.
    • Soon to be released syndicate angel fund for elite Agents to invest in our own future.
  • Access to rDigz listings – your listings your leads.
    • Free for the first three listings.
    • rDigz is an app where only elite agents will be able to have their seller list their house legally pre-MLS.
  • Coming Soon access to rDigz Title and rDigz Mortgage.
  • Invitation to the first-ever national meeting in Vegas in August in conjunction with him and connect 2021.



The following are the basic bylaws of the National Association of Real Estate Teams and Elite Agents until we get consensus across America.

  1. I am a currently licensed Real Estate Agent.
  2. I or my Team or group Leader listed 10 houses in the past 12 months (verified or removed)
    1. A small team must have an elite agent leading them demonstrated by listing a minimum of 10 houses in the past 12 months.
    2. An Indie Brokerage can apply but only an elite group will qualify.
  3. We put the consumer first, our client.
  4. We vow to make it easier and less expensive to move.
  5. We welcome all races, religions, gender,  whatever, just put your client ahead of you.