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We’re slowly coming out of a market where we’ve seen euphoria pricing, knowing every house was going to sell regardless of its condition, and overall selling was easy. With the market leveling off and more homes available, we now have to pitch the expertise that we bring to the table.

With the changes happening, your listing strategies will also need to adjust. In this week’s podcast, Jeff and Phil share 5 listing strategies to implement for the next 6 months.

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Listing Strategy 1: Do more open houses.

We saw a decline in open houses as properties weren’t on the market for more than a day (if that). With the shift in the market, you may have to do 1 or 2 open houses to find a buyer.

Listing Strategy 2: Limit showings until the open house.

Go live on the MLS on Monday to leverage the full benefit of MLS, as well as syndication to all online marketing platforms. Then schedule an open house on Saturday (and/or Sunday), with no showings until then. You’ll be consolidating demand to 1-2 days.

Listing Strategy 3: Combat “euphoria” pricing.

Educate sellers why it’s a bad idea to list at their euphoria price. If you can’t win the argument, set timeframes in place in case the property doesn’t sell at the seller’s euphoria price.

Listing Strategy 4: Stay aggressive in a neighborhood.

Stay aggressive in a neighborhood as you can reemerge and take over as a local area expert. This is a long-term benefit that will be effective for you as you continue to grow your sphere.

Listing Strategy 5: Restrict photos.

Restrict the number of photos to make the neighbors see the house. This means your open house will be busier with more traffic.