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Our customer satisfaction is at the highest it’s ever been because our leads are surveyed every time. We give kudos to Zillow who automatically sends a survey to every client as soon as you interact with them. When we learned this, our level of service improved tenfold.

When a lead would call about a $17,000 lot, we didn’t make them a priority. Now, we take great care of them because we know we’re going to be surveyed. The example that Zillow has set made us believers that everyone needs to be reviewed.

Zillow’s one-question review is also what determines the sought-after Best of Zillow badge. This badge allows consumers to find the best of the best. But why is Zillow the only brokerage that does this? Shouldn’t the industry as a whole be working towards this?

Is there a way we can have a cross-brokerage movement that systematically does this?

I’ve also seen instances where an agent has sold 100 homes but they have no reviews, or an agent that has 500 reviews only has 100 sales. It’s time we call a spade a spade. It’s clear that agents only use reviews for their best clients or they buy reviews to gain the system. Those of us who play by the right rules are left in the dust.

Shouldn’t reviews reflect those who truly perform the best?

As agents, you’re most likely to request a review from a previous client who raved about you, cherry-picking the best. By doing so you hide behind your 5-star rating which is only fooling the consumer. It’s not an accurate depiction of the level of service you provide and certainly not the way that we’re going to restore the REALTOR® brand to a respected one among our clients.

Isn’t it better for the consumer to see both the good and the bad by surveying ALL of your clients?

We think this is the #1 driving cause of why REALTOR® service hasn’t risen and the REALTOR® brand continues to lag. If we want better agents, we need to hold them accountable. We need higher standards and to raise the quality of agents.

When you measure customer satisfaction you have a better pulse on customer loyalty. It helps you run your team and business more effectively and champions the customer experience. Your customers will also feel valued and heard when you solicit their feedback, if even via a simple one-question survey. Engaged customers are more apt to remain loyal to you and your brand.

Surveying every client allows you to take what you learn and implement it into your business practices. This is valuable information for the success and growth of your business as you’ll have a better pulse on the performance of your team. You are better equipped to handle issues before they arise.

Without unbiased feedback, you may continue business as usual, not realizing your ship is sinking. Poor service ruins the reputation of agents and consumers are the ones taking the hit.

Doesn’t the consumer deserve to know how you’re doing on every single transaction?

LEOPARD stands for full consumer transparency and reviewing every person you do business with via a simplified system. We want to see agents up their review game by employing an independent, third-party service provider so that reviews stay with you no matter what brokerage you are with.

Are you with us?

Pledge your support to LEOPARD, Real Estate Agents for Consumers, who are focused on changing the industry.

Originally published via Inman News