Real Estate Agents for Consumers

facebook  03-03

Teams are just a group of agents so why are they such a controversial entity?

No two teams run the same just like not every brokerage is set up for teams. Some say teams are a parasite to brokerages because they want everything for nothing (office space, lower cap, personal transaction coordinator, etc.). What you don’t realize is how much teams spend on marketing to the consumer (with the broker’s brand). Whereas brokerages market to other agents.

Real estate school teaches agents textbook material. You learn the legal side of being an agent. What you don’t learn are sales and marketing strategies and tactics. You simply earn your license and are left to fend for yourself with no understanding of how to run a business.

This is where teams come in. Teams offer structured support as well as coaching to help agents develop their skills as they get hands-on experience.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Jeff and Phil discuss their observations and what it was like forming their team.

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