National Association of Real Estate Teams and Elite Agents

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Welcome to the National Association of Real Estate Teams and Elite Agents


Six reasons why you should join LEOPARD – the National Association of Teams and Elite Agents.

Band Together

Elite Agents, teams, and indie brokers need a collective voice. It’s time for the best of the best Real Estate Agents to band together to drive change. Now is the time to act as our industry is adding too many unqualified agents. Our MLS and commission structure is under fire and our reputation continues to head south as our current model is broken.

Reason 1

Band Together for One Voice

Raise the Bar

Raise the bar by creating an apprenticeship program for new agents (<25 sales). This includes annually required Team home-selling training to improve the quality of Agents in turn lowering the agent count. This will be costly and too time-consuming for Agents that are not dedicated to real estate.

Reason 2

Raise the Bar

Showcase Elite Agents

Reduce the agent count by half or more by highlighting the true Elite Agents, Teams & real neighborhood specialists. This creates the best service for the consumer as the best will shine through. This includes a leaderboard and improved required client reviews ordered by a third party.

Reason 3

Showcase Elite Agents

One-Click Home Selling

Help grow an agent-owned one-click home selling technology platform. With our sister company, rDigz, we can simplify the process for buyers and sellers by cutting out the middleman and truly offer a one-click home selling and moving experience that our clients deserve.

Reason 4

One-Click Home Selling

Drive Industry Transparency

We can deliver a better experience to our clients with an innovative technology platform. Clients will have transparency throughout the entire process from commissions to inspections, to contract review, and uploading your closing documents for lending and title. All of this posted in the same place where clients can search properties and make offers.

Reason 5

Drive Industry Transparency

Your Listings, Your Leads

Your listings, your leads. It’s that simple. IDX is not delivering the best experience to our clients. Uneducated buyer agents are getting your listing leads which is not what the seller deserves. Through rDigz, buyers will be connected with the most knowledgeable agent, you, the Listing Agent.

Reason 6

Your Listings, Your Leads


It’s time for the Elite Agents in our industry to band together and write the future of our industry.

No more sitting idle waiting for others to tell us how they are going to reshape our industry.

Superman had the League of Justice. We are LEOPARD: the League Elite of Performers Aligned for Real Domination. The first-ever National Association of Real Estate Teams and Elite AgentsSo let’s join forces, putting consumers first, and have a collective voice for the future.

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