Real Estate Agents for Consumers

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Real Estate Agents for Consumers

Agents, Franchisors, Indie Brokers, and Teams who care.

ONE voice for change


Real Estate Agents for Consumers is a group of producers across brokerage lines working together for change.

What Does LEOPARD Believe In?

Real Estate Agents for Consumers believes in setting these give new industry standards:

Promote Agents

Promote and prominently display agents on their listings EVERYWHERE.

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Banding Together

Banding together across brokerage lines for one unified voice for change in the industry.

Agent Accountability

Implement a rating system for every deal to show the consumer who is truly delivering on its promises.


Create one place for the consumer to see all things pertaining to listings (including one-click home-selling).

Apprenticeship Model

Promote more rigorous training for new agents (including part-time agents).

Show your support today to improve the industry for consumers.

increasing consumer transparency

promoting agent education


Join the community that is building a better experience for consumers and transforming the real estate industry.

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Yearly # of Transactions (Pledges)

Yearly Sales Volume (Pledges)

Cross-Brokerage Movement

It’s time for Elite Agents in our industry to band together and write the future of our industry.

No more sitting idle waiting for others to tell us how they are going to reshape our industry.

Superman had the League of Justice. We are LEOPARD: the League Elite of Performers Aligned for Real Domination. The first-ever Real Estate Agents for ConsumersSo let’s join forces, putting consumers first, and have a collective voice for the future.

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